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The Center for Chinese Learning (CCL) at Stony Brook

You and your children are part of CCL. By sending your children to (investing on your children in) CCL, spontaneously, you all become the member of CCL. Without individual of you, there is no CCL. Other than this web site, as supplemental mean for group communication, we have set up Yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StonyBrookChineseSchool/
CCL is becoming a non-profit organization. You can find CCL's By-Law on this site. In By-Law, you can find all the details about our mission, your rights, your obligations and etc. As non-profit organization, your donation to CCL is tax deductible.
CCL is operated by a board on behalf of you. On this site, you can find the current board members, their role and their contacts. In our By-Law, you can find the detail about the structure of the board, responsibilities of each role, procedure to elect the board member and etc. As a CCL member, you have unchallengeable right to vote for the board member. At anytime, you can contact board member to voice yourself out. The board have obligation to listen to your suggestions, answer your questions, address your concerns and continuously improve the operation of the center.
With more of you joining CCL, CCL has been constantly expanding in the past years. In 2005-2006 school year, we have enrolled about 200 children. With limited classroom, we had to open afternoon session to accommodate the expansion. On our website, you can find information about our classes/programs and the teachers and teaching plans.
We have been renting classrooms from SUNY SB for years. With cordial relationship between CCL and SUNY that has been carefully nurtured over the years, we have been able to renew our rental year after year with the rate as low as no-where-can-find. However, it is the collective responsibility of us and our children to continuously maintain this amiable relationship.
Our board members have been engaging much of their personal/family time in serving the center. Yet, their works are free of compensation up to date. For many years, however, we have been struggling to recruit enough of the volunteers to serve in the board.
For many years, we have also been having difficulty to hire enough of the teachers to teach our children Chinese and Chinese culture.
CCL is not the center for the board. It is your center. It is the center for every one of us. CCL needs each and every one of us to actively support and participate to survive, to thrive and prosper.
We are the one. United, we will make CCL an ever better place for your children, our children and the coming children to learn Chinese and Chinese culture.

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